Urdaimonia is a neologism coined by Sanitov Studio. It is derived from the words ’urban’ (that which is related to cities) and ’daimon’ (spirit). It is also a play on the Greek word for the good life: Eudaimonia. The concept of Urdaimonia thus denotes the question of the urban setting and the urban spirit on the one hand and their relation to the good life on the other.

We know the discussion of the good life from Aristotle. To Aristotle, Eudaimonia is attained by adhering to one’s proper nature. The ability to do so is called Arête, sometimes translated as ‘virtue’. According to Aristotle, Eudaimonia and Arête are only achieved through active behaviour and engagement. This vitalistic approach is also reflected in the concept of Urdaimonia. 

It is not enough to discuss the problem of urbanisation from an abstract point of view: we must actively and practically engage with the issue in order to change cities! To paraphrase Karl Marx, we might say that urban planners have thus far only tried to interpret what cities are when they should in fact have been trying to change them.
At Sanitov, this is our goal. We are Urdaimonistas!





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